[KB6681] Comparison of LiveGuard Advanced, ESET Threat Intelligence, and ESET LiveGrid®


ESET LiveGuard Advanced, ESET Threat Intelligence, and ESET LiveGrid® are products focused on the analysis of suspicious samples. There are significant differences between technology used in products and also between workflow of products:

Component ESET LiveGuard Advanced ESET Threat Intelligence ESET LiveGrid®
Submission of files Files can be submitted from:
  • ESET LiveGuard Advanced-activated security product manually or automatically.
  • ESET PROTECT Web Console, only available for Blocked files (Navigate to Detections → click the blocked file → Show DetailsSend File to EDTD).
Only manual submission of files via the ETI web portal. Automatically and manually.
Results of analysis The result of the analysis is available in the ESET PROTECT Web Console as a complete behavioral report. The result of the analysis is available to download in the ETI Web Console as a .pdf or .xml document. No visible results.
Result types Clean, Suspicious, Highly Suspicious, Malicious. Detected, not detected. None
Information provided to the Administrator Results and high-level description of file's behavior. Very deep and technical information of file's activity. None
Technology used for analysis LiveGuard Advanced uses multi-stage analysis where it combines advanced detection techniques with behavioral analysis and Machine learning. ETI takes use of ESET Live Grid® Reputation System and 100 million sensors worldwide to predict and prevent attacks. ESET LiveGrid® uses fuzzy hashing of behavior described in DNA Detections and various Machine learning models.
Priority for sample analysis High High Low
API connection ESET PROTECT API can manage ESET LiveGuard Advanced actions. There is API available for ETI. None
User interface ESET PROTECT Web Console ETI web portal None
Supported ESET products See the list of supported security products. The ESET PROTECT Web Console is necessary to access the results of the analysis. ETI can be used independently of any ESET products. All ESET security products.
Automatic protection for whole company Yes No No