[KB531] What is ESET LiveGrid?


ESET LiveGrid® (built on the ThreatSense.Net early warning system) transmits newfound infiltrations from your computer directly to the malware experts at ESET. These experts analyze and process the information, then add it to to the detection engines issued by ESET. ESET LiveGrid® results in faster reactions to malware and a greater awareness of emerging threats. Your participation in this system is optional. ESET LiveGrid®is activated during the installation of your ESET product. If you decide to turn this feature off, the functionality of your ESET product will not be affected.

When the ESET LiveGrid® is activated, it will send statistical information about new infiltrations to ESET labs for thorough analysis. The analysis of these infiltrations helps ESET increase the detection capability of the ESET scanning engine.

ESET LiveGrid®will only send information related to a new infiltration. The submitted information contains a sample or copy of the file in which the infiltration has been found, the directory name, name of the file, date and time of detection, how the infiltration reached your computer and operating system information. The submission is anonymous and does not contain any of your personal data (unless the files submitted for analysis include them).

Your information is not shared

It is our strict policy not to store, distribute or maintain any of the information about you or your computer that is sent to our labs. Our purpose in gathering the information is simply to provide the best defense possible against new, unknown security threats.

By default, your ESET product will prompt you for permission before submitting any suspicious file to the ESET lab for analysis. To protect your privacy, infiltrations found in files with certain extensions (for example, .doc or .xls) are never submitted. If there are other file extensions you specifically wish to avoid sending, these can also be added to the no-send list. We hope that you will help us to continue providing superior protection by using the ESET LiveGrid® technology. Click for instructions to access and configure the ESET LiveGrid® settings.

To learn more about ESET LiveGrid®, including settings and configuration options, please refer to the user guide for your ESET product.