How do I push out .xml configurations to client computers on the network? (5.x)


End of support for version 5.2 and 5.3 of ESET Remote Administrator

This article applies to version 5.x of Remote Administrator. ESET Remote Administrator version 5.3 is currently in limited support status and will soon be in Basic support status.

ESET Remote Administrator version 5.2 is currently in Basic support status and will soon reach End of Life status. End of life status for both of these versions is expected to occur in December 2019. After this date, the products will no longer receive detection updates to protect against malware.

When you edit or create a configuration .xml file in the ESET Configuration Editor, you still need to implement those changes on the client computers on the network. Use the following steps to apply the updated .xml configuration:

  1. Open the ESET Remote Administrator Console (ERAC) by clicking Start → All Programs → ESET → ESET Remote Administrator Console → ESET Remote Administrator Console.
  2. In the Clients tab, select the clients for which you would like to edit configuration settings (hold CTRL + click to select multiple clients). Right-click the selected clients and select New Task  Configuration Task from the context menu.

Figure 1-1

  1. Click Select... and browse to the .xml file you created in the ESET Remote Administrator Console. Double-click the .xml file and click Next.

Figure 1-2

  1. Drag and drop clients to which you want to apply your new configuration into the Selected items column and then click Next.

Figure 1-3
  1. Click Finish to apply the configuration.

Figure 1-4


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