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ESET Mobile Security FAQ

Google Play version: To find the latest version of ESET Mobile Security available for your device, open the Google Play app on your device or open the main menu in the ESET Mobile Security application and tap SettingsUpdate.

Web version: Latest version of ESET Mobile Security for Android:


ESET Mobile Security for Android combines a proactive scanning engine with Anti-Theft and Call Filter features to provide real-time protection against known and emerging threats.

New features available in the latest version of ESET Mobile Security

  • ESET Mobile Security 7.x and later now supports Android 13
    ESET Mobile Security now supports the latest Android 13 and all earlier operating system versions up to Android 6.0. Support for Android 5.x was ended.
  • The ESET HOME portal enables you to manage your ESET licenses for multiple devices or products from one location. Visit the ESET HOME Online Help guide for detailed instructions about how to use ESET HOME.
  • New Social login feature and QR scanning
    Users can log in to ESET HOME with their Google or Apple login credentials or use QR code scanning to connect their devices.
  • Connected Home was renamed to Network Inspector
    Network Inspector enables you to scan your network for devices connected to your router and to check for vulnerabilities.
  • Adware detector
    Use Adware detector to find suspicious applications that display full screen pop-up ads even when the applications are closed.
  • Security Report improvements
  • Security Report UX changes
Key features
  • Online Management of Anti-Theft features—From your ESET HOME Anti-Theft account, you have access to your device's data, including camera pictures, location tracking, on-screen messages, Anti-Theft optimization settings, current GPS position of a device when low on battery, security password change, and IP address
  • Ignore threats—Option to add detected threats to a whitelist. When a threat is detected, you have the option to ignore the threat. ESET Mobile Security will then add the name of the file to the Ignore threats list. If the name of the threat file changes, ESET Mobile Security will again detect it as a threat. You can remove the file from the Ignore threats list at any time
  • Proactive Anti-Theft
    If suspicious activity on your lost device is detected (such as an unauthorized SIM card being inserted or an incorrect password/pattern unlock attempt), you will receive an email notification and Proactive Anti-Theft will lock your device, take camera snapshots, and relay location information so you can track your missing device via ESET HOME.
  • On-Charger Scan—From the Automatic Scans menu, you can choose to only start scans when the device is fully charged and in an idle state
  • The variable depth of scanning (Quick/Smart/Deep)
  • Scheduled scanning
  • Background scanning will run while you use your mobile device
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Call filtering for specific contacts and specific times
  • Anti-Theft Wizard and Startup Wizard
  • Application Audit to monitor the permissions of installed apps
  • Adware Detector that monitors suspicious apps displaying aggressive pop-up advertisements

Features available in Free and Premium/Trial versions

ESET Mobile Security for Android is offered in three products: 

  • Free: A lifetime license for the Free product; it includes basic features
  • Trial: A 30-day trial license for the Full/Premium product
  • Premium: A license for the Full/Premium product for the duration of your subscription
General and Usability    
Activity Log
Language Settings
Tablet Support
Startup Wizard
Customer Care Contact Form (Support)
Password Protection  
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Phone / Online Support  
Security Report  
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Application lock   
Unlock device / change password  
Call Filter  
Payment Protection  
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Proactive protection
Fingerprint lock   
Uninstall Protection
SIM Guard
Trusted SIM cards  
ESET HOME web portal  
Antivirus and Security
On-Demand Scan
Real-Time Protection
Scanning Logs
ESET Live Grid©
Detection of Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUA)
Device Monitoring  
Application Audit  
Scheduled Scan  
On-Charger Scan  
Ignore threats List  
Adware Detector  


System Requirements

  • Operating system: Android 6 (Marshmallow) or later
    *ESET Mobile Security for Android does not support Kindle Fire (1st Gen)
  • Google Play services
  • Device RAM: 512+ MB
  • CPU: 500+ MHz ARM7+
  • Touchscreen resolution: minimum 240x320px
  • Internet connection

*Some feature functionality is OS version dependent.

Dual SIM and rooted devices

Dual SIM and rooted devices are not supported. Anti-Theft and Call Filter features are not available on tablets that do not support calling or messaging.

For answers to frequently asked questions, refer to the following Knowledgebase article:

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