[KB3415] Enable pre-release updates in ESET Windows home products


  • ESET Technical Support has advised you to enable pre-release updates to resolve an issue with your product
  • Switch back to a regular update


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Pre-release updates are updates that have been thoroughly tested and will be released soon. Enabling pre-release updates gives access to the newest product version with the most recent detection methods and bug fixes.

Advanced users should turn on the pre-release updates and not switch back to regular updates if not necessary or advised by ESET Technical Support.


macOS users: Enable pre-release updates in my ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro.

  1. Enable pre-release updates
  2. Switch back to the regular update

I. Enable pre-release updates

  1. Open your ESET Windows home product.

  2. Press the F5 key to open Advanced setup.

  3. Click Update, expand Profiles → Updates, select Pre-release update from the Update type drop-down menu. Click OK to exit Advanced setup.

    Figure 1-1
  4. Restart your computer.

  5. Open your ESET Windows product.

  6. Click Update Check for updates.

    Figure 1-2

II. Switch back to a regular update

After your issue is resolved or you no longer need pre-release updates, follow these instructions to switch Update type back to Regular update.

  1. Press F5 key to open Advanced setup.

  2. Click Update, expand Profiles → Updates, and select Regular update from the Update type drop-down menu. Click OK to exit Advanced setup.

    Figure 2-1