[NEWS7496] ESET Cloud Administrator version has been released


Release Date: May 19, 2020

ESET Cloud Administrator version has been released.

ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA) is a cloud-based management console (offered as a service) allowing centralized management of select ESET products.


  • Improved: Discontinued domain validation email when sending a live installer link 
  • Improved: Automatically reboot when needed check box is not selected by default when activating ESET Full Disk Encryption (EFDE) from the encryption tile
  • Fixed: Clicking column headers adds columns to multi-sorting until it has been clicked three times
  • Fixed: Last Scan Time notes trigger red security status
  • Fixed: Unable to resolve detections when the Resolution column is not shown
  • Fixed: The side panel does not remember expanded/collapsed state after logout and login
  • Fixed: Agents stop connecting to cloud service under some circumstances
  • Fixed: Recipients not visible in notifications emails
  • Fixed: Computers with an outdated operating system are not visible in the appropriate dynamic group
  • Fixed: Ability to create a hash exclusion without a hash present
  • Fixed: EFDE is not included in the selective export task configuration

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