[KB3541] What do I do after upgrading my DESlock+ license?



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  • You upgraded your DESlock+ license from Essentials to Standard, Essentials to Pro, or Standard to Pro
  • Unlock DESlock+ Go portable, removable media, and full disk encryption


There are three license types available for DESlock+ products: Essentials Edition, Standard Edition, and DESlock+ Pro. Please see the table below for an explanation of the features included in each version:

Figure 1-1
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After upgrading your DESlock+ license, your existing license key will then unlock certain features depending on which edition of DESlock + you purchased (see Figure 1-1).

Upgrades only

The steps in this article assume that you have upgraded your DESlock+ license. If you want to upgrade your license, contact ESET Sales at +1 (866) 343-3738.

There are two ways to unlock the features available in your upgraded license:

From the DESlock+ Enterprise Server

  1. Open DESlock+ Enterprise Server.
  2. Double-click the license you upgraded.

    Figure 1-2
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  3. Click Resync.

    Figure 1-3
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  4. Click Close and Resync.

    Figure 1-4

  5. When prompted, click OK.

    Figure 1-5

  6. The Product field will be updated to the upgraded license type (in this case, we upgraded from Essentials to Standard).

    Figure 1-6
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  7. Clients will be upgraded the next time they check in to DESlock+ Enterprise Server. To initiate the client upgrade manually, click Proxy Sync

    Figure 1-7
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On the client

  1. Right-click the DESlock+ icon in your system tray and select LicenseLicense Wizard from the context menu.

    Figure 2-1

  2. Click Next.

    Figure 2-2

  3. In the License Login window, enter your Product Key into the Product Key fields and click Next (the Product ID fields will be filled in automatically).

    Figure 2-3

  4. Your upgraded license information will be displayed. Click Next.

    Figure 2-4

  5. Click Finish.

    Figure 2-5

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