[KB3497] How do I enable or disable detection of potentially unwanted (or unsafe) applications in ESET Cyber Security Pro or ESET Cyber Security?


What is a PUA?

Potentially unwanted and suspicious applications are programs that may not be intentionally malicious but can negatively affect the performance and reliability of the system or send information to third parties. Potentially unsafe applications, such as keyloggers and password-cracking tools, can have legitimate uses and be malware components.

Are you a Windows user?

  1. Click the ESET icon  on the menu bar and select Open ESET Cyber Security or Open ESET Cyber Security Pro.
  2. Click Setup Enter application preferences.

Figure 1-1
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  1.   Click General (Version 5 users: click System protection).

Figure 1-2

  1. To enable detection, select the appropriate check boxes next to Potentially unwanted applications, Potentially unsafe applications and Suspicious applications in any combination. Your changes will take effect immediately.

Figure 1-3

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