[KB6745] How to re-deploy ESET Management Agent over an existing password protected Agent (Windows)


  • You need to reinstall ESET Management Agent over an existing ESET Management Agent which is protected by a known password


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  • The only type of installer where the password can be included is the Agent installer script.
  • This solution only works for ESET Management Agent for Windows.


To create an installer that can override a password-protected agent, you have to create a new (or modify existing) Live installer script:

  1. Create Agent script Installer, but do not deploy it on a computer yet.

  2. Extract the downloaded file PROTECTAgentinstaller.zip.

  3. Open the PROTECTAgentinstaller.bat in a simple text editor like Notepad.

  4. Find the section between lines 30 and 46 where the parameters shown below are selected.

    Figure 1-1
  5. Add a line between lines 36 and 37 as seen in the image below:

    echo.PASSWORD=secret_123 >> "%installConfigFile%"

    Substitute the example password secret_123 with the password of your existing ESET Management Agent.

    Figure 1-2
  6. Save the changes in the file.

  7. Use this modified installer for the ESET Management Agent re-installation according to step 4 in the ESET PROTECT On-Prem section or step 5 in the ESET PROTECT section of this article.