[KB3431] Replace the existing license with a new one in ESET Server Security for Linux


  • You want to replace your existing license using ESET Server Security for Linux


ESET Server Security for Linux 9.x users

Depending on your activation method, use the appropriate instructions below. Visit our Online Help topic for more detailed information.

  • Activation using a license key:
/opt/eset/efs/sbin/lic --key=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

where XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX represents a license key.

  • Activation using an offline license file (meant only for computers that will never connect to the internet):
/opt/eset/efs/sbin/lic --file=PATH_TO_A_LICENSE_FILE
  • Activation using an EBA account:
/opt/eset/efs/sbin/lic --username=USERNAME --public-id=VALUE

Licenses are displayed on the License screen on the ESET Business Account:

    • USERNAME is the email address a customer uses to access the ESET Business Account portal
    •  VALUE is the public id (XXX-XXX-XXX) of a license key

If the USERNAME and VALUE are correct, the ESET Business Account password will be required. Type in or copy/paste the ESET Business Account password, press the Enter key, wait till the “Activation completed successfully.” message is displayed.