[KB3329] How do I push install to more than 20 client workstations at a time? (5.x)


A new version has been released

Version 6 of ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) and ESET business products were released in North America December 11th, 2014, and globally February 25th, 2015. This article applies to version 5.x and earlier ESET business products. For information about what's new in the latest version and how to upgrade, see the following article:

  • When performing a push installation to more than 20 computers, additional machines are placed into a queue
  • Use ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) to push install to more than 20 client workstations


By default, ERA will only perform up to 20 concurrent push installations at a time. Any additional push installations will be placed into a queue until a thread becomes available.



Although it is not recommended (for potential performance reasons), you can increase the maximum number of concurrent push installations to more than the default value of 20. To change this value in ESET Remote Administrator Console (ERAC), follow the steps below:

  1. Open the ESET Remote Administrator Console (ERAC) by clicking Start All ProgramsESET ESET Remote Administrator Console ESET Remote Administrator Console.
  2. Click ToolsServer Options.

Figure 1-1
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  1. Click the Advanced tab → Edit Advanced Settings.

Figure 1-2

  1. Expand Remote Administrator ERA ServerSettings Remote Install and select Maximum number of concurrent push installation threads.
  2. Type your desired value into the Value field and then click Console to save your changes. When prompted to confirm, click Yes.

Figure 1-3
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  1. Click OK to exit the Server Options window.
  2. Restart the ESET Remote Administrator server service.
  3. After restarting the ESET Remote Administrator Server service, you need to reconnect ERAC by clicking FileConnect in the main program window.
  4. Perform your push installation: