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How to install and use the ESET Secure Authentication mobile app for Windows Phone


  • You receive an SMS with the link to download and install the ESET Secure Authentication (ESA) mobile app
  • You want to log into Outlook Web Access using the ESA mobile app
  • You need to change your personal identification number (PIN) for ESET Secure Authentication


Before installing the ESET Secure Authentication Application on your device

Before you can use the ESET Secure Authentication app on your mobile phone, you must install and configure the ESET Secure Authentication core service on your server and then provision the devices you want to use with the ESET Secure Authentication mobile app.

The instructions below detail the configuration of ESET Secure Authentication for use with Microsoft Outlook Web Access. For more information on server setup and provisioning, or to configure ESET Secure Authentication for use with a VPN, see the ESET Secure Authentication Installation Manual.

If after configuring the ESET Secure Authentication core service you are still experiencing issues, visit our ESET Secure Authentication (ESA) Setup Checklist.

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Click for instructions to log into Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) using ESET Secure Authentication

Install the ESET Secure Authentication mobile app

  1. Tap Messages on the Start screen
  2. Open the SMS message saying "To install ESET Secure Authentication, click" and tap the URL link.  

  1. Tap Install a new App
    • If at this point you have the applicatoin installed and activated already, but you are an administrator/user of several domains and you wish to add a token of another domain to your ESA mobile app, then tap Add token to App and follow the on-screen instructions.

Figure 1-1

  1. Write down the number you will be shown and tap Install  App.
    • If you installed the ESA app earlier, then at this point remember the number you are shown, open the ESA app and proceed to step no. 8.

Figure 1-2

  1. Tap install

Figure 1-3

  1. Once the applicatoin is installed, tap view and in the initial screen tap the tick icon   to set a PIN code by which the app will be protected against unauthorized access.

Figure 1-4

  1. Enter the desired PIN code and confirm it by entering it again and tap .

Figure 1-5

  1. After setting a PIN code the demo screen shows up. Tap the gear icon  and tap Manual Activation.

Figure 1-6

  1. In the Activate application screen enter your phone number (the one the SMS was sent to) and the activation code you wrote down in step no. 4. Afterwards tap .

Figure 1-6

Use ESET Secure Authentication to login to Outlook Web Access

  1. On your personal computer, access Outlook Web Access (OWA) as directed by your administrator. Enter your Microsoft Exchange username and password into the OWA login screen and click Log On. A second OWA login screen will prompt you to enter your one-time password, which you will generate using the ESET Secure Authentication mobile app.

Figure 2-1

  1. On your mobile device look up the Authentication app among the installed applications (swipe right to left when being on the Start screen) and tap the icon of Authentication app.
  2. Tap Secure Login (this text may vary according to administrator settings) to generate a one-time password.

Figure 2-2

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