[KB6573] Getting started with ESET Mobile Security


  • You have the premium version of ESET Mobile Security for Android and need to set up Call Filter, Security Audit, Trusted Contacts (formerly Trusted friends), Anti-Theft and Anti-Phishing features for maximum protection of your device
  • Confirm that you have multiple options to unlock your device if you lose or forget your ESET Mobile Security PIN
  • Set up premium features


Set up premium features

ESET Anti-Theft

Track and locate your device if it is ever lost or stolen. You can also change the security password on your device remotely from your my.eset.com Anti-Theft account if you ever lose or forget it. Set up Anti-Theft protection on your mobile device.

Security Optimization

After ESET Anti-Theft is enabled, optimize your device for the best protection. ESET Anti-Theft optimization will perform a technical assessment of the security state of your device and help you adjust your device's settings. Optimize your device.

Trusted Contacts

Add Trusted contacts (formerly Trusted friends) in ESET Mobile Security to take advantage of remote password reset options. Add a trusted contact in ESET Mobile Security for Android.

SMS text commands

Enable SMS text commands to use the remote password reset, siren, device wipe, lock and find GPS features. Enable SMS commands.


The term "phishing" refers to a criminal activity that manipulates users to gain access to sensitive data such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, PIN numbers or usernames and passwords. ESET recommends that you enable Anti-Phishing for maximum protection against potential phishing attacks. Enable Anti-Phishing.

Call Filter

Block calls to and from specific phone numbers using the Call Filter feature. Enable Call Filter and block calls in ESET Mobile Security for Android.

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