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ESET File Security for Linux version 7.0.1152 is available to download

Release date: July 17, 2019

ESET File Security for Linux version 7.0.1152 has been released and is available to download. 


Version 7.0.1152

  • Fixed: Protocol filtering advanced logging is active in product after feature is disabled during advanced installation
  • Added: In-kernel on-access scanner
  • Added: Micro-services architecture
  • Added: Native 64-bit architecture
  • Added: Self-restart of daemons
  • Added: Parallel on-demand scans
  • Added: Noexec /tmp support
  • Added: Automated deployment support (Puppet, Ansible, etc.) – silent installation
  • Added: Full LiveGrid support
  • Added: Exclusions by file or path
  • Added: Exclusions by threat or hash
  • Added: Ability to define dynamically to scan local drives, network drives or removable media
  • Added: Preserve last access timestamp during the scan
  • Added: Run background on-demand scans with low priority
  • Added: Remote file scanning using ICAP protocol
  • Added: Remote scanning of Dell EMC Isilon NAS Scanning in a file server role
  • Added: SELinux support
  • Added: Set of 2 different update servers
  • Added: Pre-release module update
  • Added: Delayed module updates
  • Added: Module Rollback
  • Added: Real-time React/Node.js HTML5 Web interface
  • Added: Translations support
  • Added: Consistent settings in product and ESMC management console (use of config engine)
  • Added: Command-line utilities for user interaction
  • Added: Shared Local Cache support
  • Added: Activation via License key
  • Added: Activation via an offline file
  • Added: Activation via Management console
  • Added: Subscription license support (with a known issue)
  • Fixed: Kernel memory leaks during diagnostic log creation
  • Fixed: RDP users missing "Reputation" value, "Number of users" value and "Running processes" application icons

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