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ESET Endpoint Encryption Client version 5 and Server version 3 have been released

Release Date: February 28, 2019

ESET Endpoint Encryption Client version 5 and Server version 3 have been released and are available to download.

ESET Endpoint Encryption Server Changelog


  • Added: Support for ESET Endpoint Encryption installs
  • Added: Support to auto re-initialise database resource if in maintenance mode
  • Added: Padding to tables in group policy display for readability
  • Changed: Rebranded software to ESET Endpoint Encryption Server
  • Changed: When in maintenance mode, if SQL configuration exists an attempt will be made to re-initialise the connection
  • Fixed: Problem clearing licence flags during re-sync
  • Fixed: Problem using self-enrolment with auto encryption together
  • Fixed: Problem with starting service a second time on some processor types
  • Fixed: Issue with password validation failure when performing some commands
  • Fixed: Issue when generating activation codes in a list with only a single user

ESET Endpoint Encryption Client Changelog


  • Fixed a problem where Full Disk Encrypted workstations, which have an OPAL disk(s) that have been partially setup by other software, would be misidentified as using our OPAL encryption.
  • Fixed a problem where Single Sign-On would fail and FDE Login commands from the server could not be processed, due to case sensitivity issues when verifying against the user.
  • When using a TPM pre-boot authentication keyboards would be not be added
  • Installation failed to block when installed on the same machine as an EEE Server.
  • Improved meta data validation to prevent rare cases of unbootable systems following recovery and re-encryption
  • Updater. Improved error handling when cancelling and/or validating downloads.
  • (Managed client only) New: A new package with managed uninstall set is no longer required to upgrade a managed client which already has managed uninstall set
  • EEE Go now rebranded in all languages.

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