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ESET Log Collector version has been released

ESET Log Collector version has been released and is available to download.

ESET Log Collector is an application that automatically collects information and logs from a computer in order to help resolve issues more quickly.


  • Added: 64-bit version of Log Collector is embedded in the 32-bit executable and automatically runs on 64-bit systems
  • Added: Option to choose which logs to collect, such as Default, All, Custom, and Threat detection
  • Added: Ability to collect Terminal Services operational log with information about past RDP sessions
  • Added: Ability to collect catroot2\dberr.txt (Drivers install logs)
  • Added: Ability to collect ESET Registry key content
  • Added: Ability to collect SharePoint Registry key content
  • Added: Ability to collect versions.csv
  • Added: Ability to collect information about running processes
  • Added: Parent process PID added to information about running processes
  • Added: Ability to collect a list of installed Winsock LSPs
  • Added: Ability to collect the listing of system and user temp folders
  • Added: Ability to collect local cache database with hashes of scanned files
  • Added: Ability to collect logs from ESET Remote Administrator Mobile Device Management agents
  • Added: Ability to collect basic product information if no logs have been selected for collection
  • Added: Ability to collect a complete registry dump
  • Added: The names of temporary files begin with "elc"
  • Added: Add/Accept EULA command line switch
  • Added: command line switch to also convert deleted records
  • Added: Support loading of translator module from the same directory where ELC is located
  • Added: Support loading translator module as DLL module
  • Added: Number of converted and skipped records displayed during log conversion
  • Added: Help button in main dialog window
  • Fixed: Incorrect date of directory export file (data_dir_list.txt) creation
  • Fixed: Incorrect Operation log message "No supported ESET product detected" for ESET Secure Authentication
  • Fixed: ESET Log collector does not collect Web Control log (.dat)
  • Fixed: Log Collector fails when ESET Remote Administrator diagnostic tool times out while collecting log

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