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ESET Knowledgebase

ESET Mobile Security for Android version 3.0.1173 has been released on Google Play and

ESET Mobile Security for Android (Mobile Security & Antivirus) version 3.0.1173 is now available on Google Play and

You can update your current version of ESET Mobile Security for Android for free by accepting the update from Google Play.

Upgrade ESET Mobile Security for Android to the latest version


  • Added: Trial process in Start-up wizard to activate Premium features
  • Added: New languages in web version – Kazakh and Lithuanian
  • Changed: Anti-Phishing is automatically enabled in Premium mode
  • Bug fixes and improvements

For more information about the product, visit the ESET Mobile Security for Android product page or to check availability in your region, contact your local reseller, distributor or ESET office.