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ESET Smart TV Security for Android - FAQ


ESET Smart TV Security is part of our security solution for Android devices. With one ESET license or a Google account subscription, you can protect up to 5 Android devices (smartphones, tablets, Android TVs, ...) signed into the same Google account. ESET Smart TV Security is a fast and powerful antivirus and antimalware application that safeguards your smart television and other devices running on the Android TV operating system from emerging threats and phishing websites, protecting  your data and your privacy.

Major features include:

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Ransomware Shield
  • Scheduled scan
  • Manual malware scan


  1. How do I set up ESET Smart TV Security for Android?

For instructions, see our Online Help.

  1. Where can I download ESET Smart TV Security for Android?

Download ESET Smart TV Security from Google Play. Your Google Play account needs to be connected to your Android TV.

  1. How do I activate the premium features in ESET Smart TV Security for Android?

For instructions, see our Online Help.

  1. How many devices can one license for ESET Smart TV Security and ESET Mobile Security for Android activate?

You can use your ESET license from Google Play for up to 5 android devices with the same Google account.

  1. I purchased my ESET license from ESET or an ESET vendor, can I use this license on the ESET Smart TV Security version I downloaded from Google Play?

Yes. For ESET Smart TV Security activation instructions, see our Online Help.

  1. Is there a trial version of ESET Smart TV Security?

Yes, a 30-day Trial license of ESET Smart TV Security is issued the first time you activate the product with a new email address. Additionally, there is a Free version of the software available.

  1. How does Anti-Ransomware functionality work?

If ransomware attempts to infect a device, power off the device immediately using the hardware button on the device (we recommend that you also unplug the device from the electrical socket for a few minutes) and then start the device again. On startup, ESET Smart TV Security initiates a scan and will allow you to remove or ignore threats.

  1. What are the system requirements for ESET Smart TV Security for Android to be compatible with my TV?

ESET Smart TV Security requires that your device has Android TV operating system version 5 or later installed.

  1. How does scanning of USB drives works?

When you connect a USB drive to a device, ESET Smart TV Security will run a scan of the USB drive. If a threat is found, you can select Remove it or Ignore this threat. The first time you remove a threat from a drive you must allow ESET Smart TV Security access to the files on the drive.

  1. ESET Smart TV Security for Android is unable to remove malware from a USB device

Some USB drives do not have a file manager. In order to remove malware found on this type of device, first, connect it to a computer with an antivirus program.

  1. What will ESET Smart TV Security do when it detects a threat?

ESET Smart TV Security displays a warning window. You can decide to uninstall the application or ignore it.

  1. What triggers an ESET Smart TV Security scan?

  • You select an immediate scan from the ESET Smart TV Security application.

  • You schedule a scan in the ESET Smart TV Security application.

  • A new application is installed.

  • A database update may trigger a scan.

  • An application is updated.

  • A USB device is mounted.

  • The device is restarted after it had been turned off (not from standby mode).

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