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"Website certificate is revoked" is displayed when visiting legitimate web pages


  • The following notification appears on your desktop: "Website certificate revoked"
  • You are experiencing issues accessing sites online that you can usually access
  • This issue affects all internet users


This warning is displayed as the result of signed certificates that have been revoked from many common websites. As a result, browsers no longer trust websites and refuse them. See the press release from Globalsign for more information

Figure 1-1


Disabling SSL or TLS filtering will reduce your level of protection!

We do not recommend that you disable SSL/TLS filtering (or exclude your default browser from SSL scanning) unless you are an experienced user. Doing so will significantly reduce the ability of your ESET product to detect threats hidden using HTTPS.

We expect to see this issue resolved the week of October 17th. If you continue to experience issues accessing sites, clear your CRL and OCSP cache


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