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What is Superfish and does ESET protect me from it?


Yes, all ESET anti-malware products detect SuperFish malware as Win32/Adware.SuperFish or Win64/Adware.SuperFish. ESET users should always ensure that they have the latest Virus signature database update (How do I know if I have the latest update?).

If you do not currently use ESET products, click here for step-by-step instructions to scan your computer using our free Online Scanner, or click here to try ESET free for 30 days.

What is SuperFish?

SuperFish is a piece of software that is Pre-installed on some Lenovo computers. This software can break the HTTPS encryption used when the web browser on your computer communicates with websites that use the HTTPS protocol to protect sensitive information. When this occurs, sensitive data such as passwords and financial detail can potentially be exposed. 


How do I remove SuperFish?

If your ESET product has detected SuperFish on your computer, or if the Lenovo SuperFish Vulernability page lists your model as one of those that includes SuperFish, follow the official Lenovo SuperFish Uninstall Instructions to remove the SuperFish software and Certificate.

For more information on SuperFish, visit the following ESET blog posts:


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