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Upgrade ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server to the latest version (6.x)


  • Best practices for upgrading ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (EMSX) to version 6


A new version is available

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server (ESMX) version 7.x is available. We highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version.

Existing customers with a valid business license for ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (EMSX) may upgrade to the latest version of the same product for free.

Before upgrading to version 6.x

Do not install over existing EMSX version 4.3/4.5:

We do not recommend that you install over the existing EMSX as it may result in a blue screen error (BSOD).

I. Uninstall previous version of EMSX

  1. Open ESET Mail Security.
  2. Press the F5 key on your keyboard to display the Advanced setup window.
  3. Select Antivirus and antispyware from the Setup tree on the left, deselect Enable Self-defense and then click OK.

Figure 1-1

  1. Restart the server.
  2. Uninstall EMSX version 4.x. 

If you encounter errors when uninstalling EMSX 4.5 using ERA, uninstall ESET manually using the ESET uninstaller tool.

  1. Restart the server after uninstalling EMSX. Continue to part II below to install EMSX version 6. 

II. Install EMSX version 6

  1. Download ESET Mail Security 6
  2. When the download is complete, double-click the installer file to launch the ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server installer. A restart will be required during the installation of EMSX 6.
  3. Click Next.

    Figure 1-1

  4. Select I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next

    Figure 1-2

  5. Select Complete and click Next.

    Figure 1-3

  6. Click Install.

    Figure 1-4

  7. When prompted to restart your computer, click Yes.

    Figure 1-5

  8. After the computer restarts, the installation will resume. Once the installation is finished, you  will be prompted to activate your product using a License Key. Enter your ESET-issued License Key into the blank field and click Activate (if you do not have your License Key, click here to have your license information sent to you).

    Figure 1-6
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  9. After a successful activation, click Done.

    Figure 1-7
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