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Activate ESET Anti-Theft and associate devices or mark a device missing


What is Anti-Theft?

Our personal devices are constantly at risk of being lost or stolen. If your device is ever lost or stolen, ESET Anti-Theft allows you to monitor usage and track your missing device anywhere in the world by using IP address localization. ESET Anti-Theft not only helps you track and retrieve your missing device, it also protects your personal data.

How does Anti-Theft work?

Once installed on your device, your ESET product integrates with the ESET Anti-Theft web interface. Use your my.eset.com account to manage the state of your device and trigger monitoring if the device is ever lost or stolen. When a device is declared lost or stolen, your ESET product automatically begins relaying information from your device to your account, no matter where in the world your device is. Any time your missing device accesses the internet, your ESET product sends updated screenshots, webcam images and GPS coordinates to the Anti-Theft web interface.


 Android users

Video tutorial

Activate your Anti-Theft account and associate your devices

  1. Open the main program window of your ESET Windows product.

  2. Click Setup → Security tools.

Figure 1-1

  1. Click the slider bar next to Anti-Theft to activate it.

Figure 1-2


  1. Click Create account.

Figure 1-3

  1. Type a name for your device in the Device name field and click Next.

Figure 1-4

  1. Click Create account online. You will be redirected to my.eset.com to create an online user account that will be used to access Anti-Theft.

Figure 1-5

  1. On my.eset.com, complete the registration form (all fields are mandatory).

    Your my.eset.com account username and password

    Do not use the ESET-issued Username and Password that you received after purchasing your product to sign in to your my.eset.com account. You will need to create a different password for your my.eset.com account.

    • Email: It is not necessary to register the account with the same email address used for ESET product license registration.
    • Password: A minimum of 8 characters, must contain letters and at least one number. A lost password recovery function is available for the account.

Figure 1-6

  1. Click Optimize this device.

Figure 1-7

  1. Click Create Phantom account. The phantom account helps to recover your device should it ever become lost or stolen. The phantom account is required to fully utilize all of the Anti-Theft features.

Figure 1-8

  1. Click Create Phantom account. The default phantom account name is "John". It is not necessary to change the Phantom account name. 

Figure 1-9

  1. After creating the Phantom account, your Anti-Theft account is fully optimized. Your device will be shown as Not missing.

Figure 1-10

  1. Click Finish Anti-Theft association  Finish. This device is associated to your my.eset.com account and ESET Anti-Theft is enabled. All devices associated with your my.eset.com account are accessible from the Anti-Theft tab of the my.eset.com web interface. Click View details to manage a device's status, activity, diagnostics, messages and other settings. For more information on my.eset.com, refer to the My ESET Online Help topic.

Figure 1-1
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Mark your device missing in my.eset.com

Follow the steps below to enable device tracking and additional Anti-Theft features if your device is lost or stolen.

  1. Go to my.eset.com, log into your account and select the missing device or computer. Click My device is missing.

Figure 2-1

  1. The confirmation message below appears. Review the information provided and click Mark as missing.

    Figure 2-2

    In addition, the following ESET Anti-Theft features are activated:
    • Email notifications are sent stating the device status has been changed to missing.
    • When the missing computer or device logs online, ESET Smart Security records information at regular intervals. View this data in your my.eset.com account, on the Activity tab.
    • The missing device automatically restarts within three minutes of logging online. A Phantom Account is created for the missing device. The purpose of the Phantom Account is to protect your real user accounts. In ESET Anti-Theft setup, you were prompted to password-protect all your accounts. A Phantom Account requires no password, and therefore is easily accessible for the person with your device. The Phantom Account is automatically opened when the missing device logs online (while your actual accounts are hidden), it collects data on the device location and sends the data to your my.eset.com account.
  2. We highly recommended taking the following actions to mitigate potential damage caused by criminals:
    • Report the loss or theft of your device to police with a detailed description including the make, color and serial number
    • Only share my.eset.com information (for example, any pictures captured with the built-in camera) with police
    • Change your email account password
    • Change your internet banking password and monitor your bank accounts for suspicious transactions
    • Change all your social media account passwords

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