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Which ESET Mobile Security for Android product do I have (Free or Premium)?


  • You want to determine whether you have Free, Trial or Premium version of ESET Mobile Security for Android on your device




Determine which ESET Mobile Security for Android product you have (Free or Premium):

  1. Open ESET Mobile Security for Android. How do I open my ESET product?
  2. Tap menu  at the top right → License.
  3. Version name you are currently using will display in Your license menu. If you are using trial or premium version you will see number of days left untill the expiration of the license. How do I upgrade from free to premium?

    Figure 1-1
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The latest version of ESET Mobile Security for Android is offered in three variations: 

  • Free: A lifetime trial including basic functionality
  • Trial: 30-day trial of the full (Premium) version
  • Premium: 1 year license

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