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Delete a quarantined file in my ESET Windows home product (5.x)


Upgrade to the latest version

Many of the issues you might be experiencing with your ESET product have been resolved in the latest version. We highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version:


The quarantine in ESET Smart Security contains backups of files that have been detected, cleaned or removed by your ESET product. To remove these backup files from your computer, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Video tutorial

  1. Open the main program window of your Windows ESET product.
  2. Click Tools → Quarantine.

    Figure 1-1
    Click the image to view larger in new window

  3. Right-click the desired file and click Delete from Quarantine.

    Figure 1-2
    Click the image to view larger in new window

  4. Click Yes to confirm the action.

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