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Adding a license for ESET Mail Security

If you have a fully functional ESET File/Gateway Security for Linux/FreeBSD installation and wish to expand it by adding ESET Mail Security, you need to import your new license file. This can be done by either copying it to the right directory (/etc/eset/license or /etc/opt/eset/license), using the wwwi interface (the License import option) or using the console command esets_lic --import.



View the detailed description of esets_lice in the man page of the program by entering the following command:
man esets_lic

You will also need to set your new username and password for ESET Mail Security either in the ESETS configuration file (esets.cfg), or in the Web interface:

av_update_username = "EAV-12345678"
av_update_password = "xxxxxxxxxx"

This will prevent possible issues with updates in ESETS. Not completing the steps above can result in the following error message appearing in your system logs:

Failed to update anti-virus modules: Invalid Username and/or Password.



If you do not set the correct username and password for ESET Mail Security, your virus signature database and antispam module will stop updating.

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