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ERA Server functionality issues after reinstalling ESET Remote Administrator 2.x to version 4.0.122

 After upgrading ESET Remote Administrator from version 2.x to version 4.0.122 one or more of the following functionalities may be limited:

  • editing and adding notifications
  • editing, adding, merging policies
  • quarantine
  • receiving logs from EMA

You can confirm the presence of any the listed errors by performing a check with the ERA Maintenance Tool (part of the ESET Remote Administrator Server installation) as follows:
  1. Click Start > All Programs > ESET > ESET Remote Administrator Server > ESET Remote Administrator Maintenance Tool.
  2. In the initial window of the tool click Next and then click the More information button. Look at the value next to the IDGenerator entry. Values of 2 or 7 indicate an error, while values of 13 or 15 are standard.

In case you see one of the error values you will need to use a custom repair script. You can run the script directly from ERA Maintenance Tool. There are two scripts available, depending on the database type used:


To download either of the scripts right-click the relevant link and choose Save Link As... from the context menu. In the following dialog navigate to the location where you want to save the file (e.g. Desktop) and click Save.

  1. Run the ERA Maintenance Tool (see step 1. above) on a computer with ERA Server.
  1. Click Next twice, choose Stop ERA server from the Maintenance Task selection and select Next > Start.


Before continuing with the other steps we recommend you select and run the Database backup (to an external dump file) task - saves the database into an external dump file.

After backing up your database, run the custom script to resolve the abovementioned issues:
  1. Select the Database restore (to an external dump file) task and press Next.
  2. Make sure that the correct Database type is set in the relevant pull-down menu and that the UNC path is set correctly in the Database location field. Click Next.
  3. Enter the path to the restore file into the Restore from file field or click the icon on the right and use the browser tool to navigate to the file:

    fix_era_dbgenerator_msacc.dmp (Microsoft Access)
    fix_era_dbgenerator_sqldb.dmp (other database types)
  4. Select the Allow import from a different type of database option and click Next.



SQL database types only: When running the script on servers with SQL type databases the option to create database tables must be deselected, or else the process will clear (delete) the database.



  1. Click Start to run the task.
  1. A window prompt will inform you, that you are about to modify/delete the database. Confirm by clicking Yes.



The script does not remove entries from database. If the table already did contain the missing records, the Restore task would end in a processing error (due to to an attempt to enter duplicit values), without any damage to the database.

  1. Start ERA Server.


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