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Fixing multiple problems caused by Win32/Daonol.C infiltration


Win32/Daonol.C is a trojan that infiltrates your system to steal passwords and other confidential data.

The most frequent symptoms include:

  • Some antivirus programs can no longer update from the Internet and access to the antivirus homepage is blocked.
  • Attempts to run the command line (cmd) and the Registry editor (regedit) end with the explorer.exe process breaking down (the Taskbar disappears for a few seconds).
  • Online search engine results may redirect to suspicious websites.
  • Internet browser breakdowns
  • Changes in Windows Firewall accompanied by incoming/outgoing connection problems.

To remove this infiltration, download the following removal tool:


After starting the application the system will be cleaned (the command line window appears for a brief moment). After the operation has finished restart your computer.

For more detailed information about the infiltration please consult our Virus Encyclopaedia:


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