[KB2828] Add a Trusted contact in ESET Mobile Security for Android


  • Add a Trusted contact in ESET Mobile Security for Android to help you protect your device if it is lost or stolen
  • Notify your Trusted contacts with an alert SMS after an untrusted SIM card is inserted into your device
  • Reset your user-defined password


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On January 9, 2019, Google Play implemented restrictions for the use of the SMS and Call permissions necessary for the core functionality of the SMS and Call filter features in ESET Mobile Security. Due to these permissions restrictions, the following features are no longer available in the Google Play version of ESET Mobile Security:

  • Call Filter (the feature has been restored in ESET Mobile Security 5.3)
  • SMS Text commands - Anti-Theft feature
  • Trusted friends - Anti-Theft feature (the feature has been renamed to Trusted contacts in ESET Mobile Security 5.3)


Getting started with ESET Mobile Security: Step 3 of 6

Optimization | SMS text commands

The steps below are for the APK version of ESET Mobile Security and ESET Mobile Security Google Play with the SMS tool installed.

  1. Open ESET Mobile Security for Android.

  2. Tap Anti-Theft.

    Figure 1-1
  3. Tap the Trusted contacts slider bar to enable it.

    Figure 1-2
  4. Type the Name and Phone Number of your contact in the appropriate fields. To add more than one number, tap the + icon next to the Phone Number field. Select Accepted commands that you want your Trusted contacts to use and then tap Save.

    Figure 1-3
  5. You now have a Trusted contact and can manage their SMS commands. Tap the + icon to add a new Trusted contact.

    Figure 1-4

Reset your user-defined password

If you forget your Security Password, you can use your Trusted contact's phone to send a reset password SMS text command to your phone.

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