[KB5668] How do I configure SMTP client threat notifications? (6.x)


You can configure SMTP settings within ESET Remote Administrator to send threat or event notification emails from client workstations to a designated email address. You can also configure ESET endpoint settings to send SMTP messages from client workstations.

The verbosity of these notifications can be adjusted based on the needs of the administrator. This feature is especially useful if you are an offsite network administrator and wish to be instantly notified of threats detected by ESET that require your attention. There are several levels of verbosity that range in detail. Below is a list of the different verbosity available: Critical warnings– Logs all critical errors, such as errors starting Antivirus protection and errors with the Personal firewall Errors – Logs all errors such as "Error downloading file." This setting includes critical errors. Warnings – Records all errors and warning messages Informative records – Logs all informative messages including successful updates, plus all records above Diagnostic records – Logs all information needed for fine-tuning and diagnostics plus all records above



Configure SMTP settings across a network using ESET Remote Administrator


Configure ESET endpoint settings to send SMTP messages from client workstations


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