[KB7325] What's new in ESET version 13 home products?


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ESET has released version 13 of its home products.

Released Products

The following table lists the released version 13 home products:

Product Version
 ESET NOD32 Antivirus 13.2.18
 ESET Internet Security 13.2.18
 ESET Smart Security Premium                13.2.18

* ESET Smart Security is no longer available and has been replaced by ESET Internet Security. If you use ESET Smart Security, click here for information about upgrading for free to ESET Internet Security

Click here for a list of features available in ESET home products. Continue reading below for an overview of the new and improved features.

System Requirements

Version 13 has native support of 64-bit code and is compatible with Windows 10 and the new Windows security features.

See the System Requirements Online Help topic.

Connected Home Monitor - Improved device detection

Reveal what is happening on your Wi-Fi network and get the most from your connected devices and smart home set-up. Connected Home Monitor also allows you to view new details for each device – view a device’s IP address, MAC address, name, model and vendor.

For more information, see the Connected Home Monitor Online Help topic.

Connected Home Monitor - Improved troubleshooting

Connected Home Monitor troubleshoots detected network or device issues and provides recommendations for common problems, such as using a weak password on a router. 

For more information, see the Connected Home Monitor Online Help topic.

ESET Secure Data

The ESET Secure Data executable can be copied to a USB flash disk when you select Removable Drive encryption. Once a USB flash disk has been configured for ESET Secure Data, it can be used on any machine that does not have an ESET product installed.

For more information about ESET Secure Data, see the Secure Data Online Help topic.

HIPS improvements and extended detection

The new HIPS program module includes Deep Behavioral Inspection, which analyzes the behavior of all programs running on the computer and warns you if the behavior of the process is malicious. 

Real-Time & Machine Learning Protection (formerly Advanced Machine Learning)

Real-Time & Machine Learning Protection adds an additional layer of protection to improve detection and is based on machine learning. Machine learning includes DNA detections, which use models based on machine learning to work effectively with or without a cloud connection. Machine learning algorithms are also a vital part of the initial sorting and classification of incoming samples and of placing them on the imaginary “cyber-security map”.

HIPS exclusions from Deep Behavioral Inspection enable you to exclude processes from the analysis. To ensure that all processes are scanned for possible threats, we recommend only creating exclusions if absolutely necessary.

For more information about Real-Time & Machine Learning Protection, see the Machine learning Glossary topic.