Run the Info_get.command on a Linux machine and send the logs to ESET Technical Support


  • Unable to resolve an issue with ESET products running on a Linux machine


 Windows users |  macOS users

If you are experiencing issues with ESET products running on Linux machines, ESET Technical Support may ask you to run the info_get.command and send them the logs so that they can troubleshoot your issue.

To run this command, follow the steps below:

  1. Use an application like Putty to Secure Shell (SSH) into the affected machine and log in as root.
  2. Use the following command to download ESET Log Collector:


Figure 1-1

  1. Use the following command to unpack the zip file:


Figure 1-2

  1. Run the following command:

    chmod +x info_get.command

Figure 1-3

  1. Then run the following command:


Figure 1-4

  1. After the logs have been collected you will see a message directing you to send the generated or customer_info.tgz file to technical support. This file will be located on your desktop. Attach the file to an email reply to ESET technical support.

    You must have a case open to receive support from ESET Technical Support. Open a case with ESET Technical Support.

Figure 1-5

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