[KB7377] Free ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training FAQ


  • The free ESET Cybersecurity training is only available for ESET North America users


  1. I lost the training login link.
    When you have signed up for the training, you can log in with the same email address you used to register. If you have not yet registered, do so first via this form.

  2. Will training be saved so learners can come back later if they don’t finish it all in one sitting?
    Yes, they can log back in and pick back up where they left off. This is the link to log back in, using the same email address they used to register. 

  3. Can I track employees’ progress in the free version?
    The free version does not offer administrative tools. For companies with 10 employees or more, we recommend Premium Cybersecurity Awareness Training, which offers a dashboard to track learners’ status, automated email reminders for learners, gamified training content, certification and more. Learn more about our premium offering and request pricing or a demo.

  4. How can I retake the free training?
    The free ESET Cybersecurity Awareness training is only available to take once per email. You can either sign up for the Premium training or retake the free training using a different email address.
  5. Where can I find the quiz and certification?
    The security awareness training quiz and certification are included in ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training Premium. Learn more about our comprehensive offering for businesses.

  6. What support is available for the free training?
    This ESET Knowledgebase FAQ article is the only support for the free version—no agent technical support is available.

  7. Can multiple employees complete the training on the same computer?
    It’s not recommended. However, each employee can open up a browser window in Incognito mode (available in Chrome) and then log in with their email address. This way the cookies don’t make them look like the previous user. However, each employee will need to complete the training in one sitting.


    1. Hit CTRL + SHIFT + N to open a browser window in the Incognito mode.

    2. Paste in the training URL: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/1667358/E0FA15FAB7766F684E11652CC33A571B.

    3. Log in using the same email address used when signing up (employee must have already signed up via this form).