[KB7223] Using wildcards in the middle of paths in file and folder exclusions in ESET products


  • Exclude multiple files in multiple locations from scanning by your ESET product
  • You intend to use a wildcard in the middle of a path (for example C:\Tools\*\Data\file.dat) to simplify complex exclusions


When setting up file and folder exclusions, we recommend that you do not use wildcards in the middle of paths due to the following issues:

  • Scanning performance decreases with the number of exclusions
  • Exclusions might not work as expected (when the first applicable rule is matched by the scanner, the second applicable rule will not be evaluated)
  • There is a security risk of excluding more files from scanning than intended

Before setting up a wildcard in the middle of a path in an exclusion rule, consider using a different type of exclusion first:

Information on third-party websites about file/folder exclusions from scanning for third-party applications may not be accurate.

ESET Technical Support can assist you if your system infrastructure requires the exclusion of multiple paths from scanning.