[KB6564] What's new in ESET version 11 home products


A new version has been released

A new version of ESET Windows home products have been released. We highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version.

  • Remember: ESET Windows home products version 9 and later use a License Key for activation. What is a License Key?

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ESET has released version 11 of its home products, and removed one existing product *.

Released Products

The following table lists the released version 11 home products:

Product Version

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

ESET Internet Security
ESET Smart Security Premium

* ESET Smart Security is no longer available and is replaced by ESET Internet Security. If you use ESET Smart Security, click here for information about upgrading for free to ESET Internet Security

Continue reading below for an overview of the new and improved features.

  • Connected Home Monitor—Renamed from "Home Network Protection" and added a new feature to scan router-connected IoT devices (Internet of Things) to test for vulnerabilities such as weak passwords, open ports and known services. 
  • UEFI Scanner—Proactive scanning that runs in the background and only notifies you if a problem is detected.
  • License Manager—New feature added to my.eset.com that allows you to view and manage your licenses and connected devices. 
  • System cleaner—New tool to help restore default settings after a malware infection.

System Requirements

Version 11 has native support of 64-bit code and is compatible with Windows 10 and its new security features.

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8.1
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7
  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista
  • Microsoft® Windows® Home Server 2011 64-bit

Connected Home Monitor

Connected Home Monitor was introduced in version 10 products as Home Network Protection. It was developed to help users protect their routers from threats coming from Wi-Fi networks. The improvements provide you with an easy-to-access list of router-connected devices (smartphones, IoT, etc.), to show you who is connected and enables you to scan smart devices for vulnerabilities.

For more information, see the Online Help topic Connected Home Monitor

Connected Home Monitor has been improved in version 11 to test network-connected devices and it includes three features:

  • IoT Protection
  • Router protection
  • Catalogue of connected devices

IoT Protection

Test your router-connected devices for vulnerabilities such as weak passwords and ESET will suggest options to fix possible issues. It includes Port Scan, Service Check and Password checker.

Router protection

Test your home router for known vulnerabilities such as weak passwords and vulnerable firmware and ESET will suggest options to fix possible issues. Active user confirmation and computer admin rights will be needed for the router test. Router tests include scanning for port vulnerabilities, known firmware vulnerabilities, malicious domains and DNS server reputation, weak or default router passwords, malware infections and router web-server vulnerabilities such as cross-side scripting, code injection and checking for remote code.

Catalogue of connected devices 

A list of devices connected to your network will be shown along with a categorization of connected devices by type, for example, "mobile phone" or IoT device.

UEFI Scanner

The UEFI Scanner runs in the background and only notifies you if a problem is detected.

The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. Similar to BIOS, it runs during device start-up when a device is restarted or turned-on. 

The ESET UEFI Scanner adds an additional protection layer against UEFI bootkits by scanning for malware in firmware.

For more information about UEFI, see the WeLiveSecurity.com post Malware in firmware: how to exploit a false sense of security.

ESET License Manager

View the status of your licenses and connected devices with the ability to manage user devices, license activation and deactivation (transfer licenses to new devices), license sharing and renewals. 

For instructions on how to use ESET License Manager, see the article How to use ESET License Manager.

System cleaner

System cleaner is a new tool in version 11. The tool will help to restore default settings after an infection or if you want to restore any of the five categories to default.

The five categories that System cleaner displays:

  • Security settings
    Important settings that can put your computer at risk, such as Windows Update.
  • Windows System Restore
    Settings for the Windows System Restore feature, which allows you to revert your system to a previous state.
  • System settings
    Settings that can change the behavior of your computer, such as file associations.
  • Disabled features
    Important features and applications that may be disabled.
  • System appearance
    Settings that change how your system looks, such as your desktop wallpaper.