[KB6062] "Offline units connected" warning in ESET License Administrator


  • You used an offline license file to activate a computer that has internet access and is able to contact edf.eset.com
  • You see an Offline units connected warning in the Dashboard of ESET License Administrator

  • You attempt to generate another offline license file by clicking Offline label in the Offline file column and receive an Offline units are connected to the internet warning



These warnings appear because Offline license files are designed to activate offline ESET products only (products installed on machines without an internet connection; when a user attempts to use an offline license file for a computer that has an active internet connection, you will receive an Offline units connected or Offline units connected to the internet warning.



  1. Click Unit Management, click the name of the computer the ESET product is installed and activated on (using an offline license file) and then select Deactivate

    Figure 1-1
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  2. Click Yes to confirm the unit deactivation.

    Figure 1-2

  3. Activate the ESET product on the machine using the License Key you received after purchasing your ESET license.

Offline environments

If the computers hosting ESET products are suposed to remain offline (no connection to the internet and virus signature database updates are distributed using the mirror tool), activate these computers using an offline license.