[KB6002] ESET Remote Administrator installation error "An error occur during the installation: Code: -2067922934(0x84be000a)"


ESET business product no longer supported

This article applies to an ESET product version that is currently in End of Life status and is no longer supported. The content in this article is no longer updated. 

For a complete list of supported products and support level definitions, review the ESET End of Life policy for business products.

Upgrade ESET business products.

  • ESET Remote Administrator all-in-one installation fails during Microsoft SQL Server installation
  • You receive one of the following errors:
    "An error occur during the installation: Code: -2067922934(0x84be000a)"
    "An error occur during the installation: Code: -2067922943(0x84be0001)"


The full error message may include the following:

Rule "Setup account privileges" failed.
The account that is running SQL Server Setup does not have one or all of the following rights: the right to back up files and directories, the right to manage auditing and the security log and the right to debug programs. To continue, use an account with both of these rights.

For more information on this SQL error, see the following Microsoft knowledgebase article:


This error typically occurs when the user does not have sufficient setup account privileges to install the ERA database or the minimum system requirements for the database are not met.

Begin with solution I and only continue to solution II if the issue is not resolved.

I. Verify that your system meets the database requirements for ESET Remote Administrator

You can use an existing Microsoft SQL Server running in your environment; however, it must meet minimum requirements. 

Visit the following Online Help topic: ESET Remote Administrator Database System Requirements


II. Ensure that the user has the correct user account privileges

If you intend to use the dedicated database user account that will have access to the ERA database only, you must create a user account with specific privileges before installation. Additionally, you will need to create an empty database that will be used by ESET Remote Administrator.
  1. Ensure the user has the following user rights:
  • SeBackupPrivilege (Back up files and directories)
  • SeDebugPrivilege (Debug programs)
  • SeSecurityPrivilege (Manage auditing and security log)

Check the list of privileges that are currently associated with the account

You can use the AccessChk.exe tool from Microsoft: More Information.

  1. To add the user rights to the local administrator account, follow these steps:
    1. Log on to the computer as a user who has administrative credentials.
    2. Click Start  Run, type Control admintools and then click OK.
    3. Double-click Local Security Policy.
    4. In the Local Security Settings dialog box, click Local Policies, double-click User Rights Assignment and then double-click Backup Files and Directories.
    5. In the Backup Files and Directories Properties dialog box, click Add User or Group.
    6. In the Select User or Groups dialog box, type the user account that is being used for setup and then click OK two times.
    7. Repeat the procedure for the other two policies listed above.
    8. Click File and then click Exit to close the Local Security Settings dialog box.
  1. Restart your system and then attempt to install ESET Remote Administrator.
For more detailed information on the minimum set of privileges that must be granted to a dedicated database user account, see the following ESET Online Help topic: Dedicated database user account.