[KB3584] I receive the error message "Cannot init openssl library" when installing ESET Server/Mail/Gateway Security for Linux


You see one of the following error messages in the log files or in the Terminal when installing ESET Server/Mail/Gateway Security for Linux:

  • Cannot init openssl library
  • Child process wwwi[PID] terminated with return code 73, won't be restarted
  • Child process wwwi[PID] did not handle signal 6, restart in 0 seconds


When debugging the problem (required when reporting it to ESET Customer Care), you can diagnose the output of the following commands:

tail -100 /var/log/messages
tail -50 /var/log/esets/eventlog.dat
uname -a


For ESET Server/Mail/Gateway Security for Linux to work properly, you need to have OpenSSL installed.

If you are using a 64-bit edition of Linux distribution, it is necessary to have both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of OpenSSL installed on your server. In some cases, development OpenSSL package variants are required.

To search and install a suitable OpenSSL package for your system, use one of the following commands in the Terminal:

Debian-based (apt) Search:   apt-cache search openssl
Install*: apt-get install openssl libssl-dev
Red Hat-based (yum)

Search:   yum search openssl
Install*: yum install openssl openssl-devel

Other Install openssl using distribution-like package software or compile OpenSSL from the source using one of the tarballs.

* OpenSSL packages may have different names in various Linux distributions.