[KB2929] Will ESET Mobile Security for Android work on my Tablet device?


  • Users can install ESET Mobile Security on Android tablet devices
  • Some features, options and devices are not supported on all tablet devices


ESET Mobile Security for Android includes some (cellular-based) features that are only available on Android smartphones. Though ESET does provide support for tablet devices such as the Kindle Fire, the following limitations apply:

  • To install ESET Mobile Security on the Kindle Fire and some other tablet devices, allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • For devices that only access the internet using Wi-Fi (no cellular internet connectivity), the functionality of ESET Mobile Security is limited to Antivirus, Anti-Theft Web portal, Anti-Phishing, Security Audit and Security Report. The unsupported features include SIM guard, SMS commands and SMS & Call Filter.
  • SMS & Call Filter features are only supported on Kindle devices with cellular plans.
  • ESET does not provide support for rooted Android devices.
  • Tablets without a cellular plan will not be able to use SMS Commands (no phone number associated with the tablet). If you forget your password, you will not be able to use the trusted friends option to unlock your device.
  • Call Interceptor is not supported (no calling on tablets).
  • Find my Device is not supported on tablets without GPS.

Known Issues

  • Anti-Theft actions and notifications from ESET HOME are delayed on Kindle devices (for example, after marking a device as missing).

    Solution: No further action is required by you. The action from ESET HOME will occur on the Kindle device after a delay that is typically under 20 minutes.
  • On Kindle HDX devices (3rd Gen), selecting the option “Unknown sources” using the ESET Security Audit feature will redirect to an incorrect location in the device settings.

    Solution: You can manually access the correct location by going to SettingsApplications.
  • The latest version of ESET Mobile Security for Android does not support Kindle Fire (1st Gen).