Does ESET protect me from the Java 0-day exploit?



Java 0-day takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Java and can introduce multiple types of malware on a system once it gains access.


ESET users are protected from the Java 0-day exploit. ESET detects the exploit as Java/Exploit.CVE-2013-0422. ESET users should always ensure that they have the latest detection engine update (Check for latest latest product modules update).

While ESET does defend against this exploit, for maximum security ESET recommends that you disable Java in your web browser or remove it entirely. For instructions on how to disable or remove Java, visit the ESET Threat Blog "Java zero-day = time to disable Java, in your browser at least". A more recent ESET Threat Blog article, "Java 0-Day Exploit CVE-2013-0422" details the latest outbreak of this exploit.

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