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Current versions of ESET Endpoint for Mac and ECA, ERA 6.x and ESMC 7.0 Management Agents will not support the upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina

The current versions of Management Agent for ECA, ERA 6.x and ESMC 7.0 are not compatible with the upcoming version of macOS 10.15. New changes to the macOS will prevent the Management Agents from working correctly. ESET is working on a new version of Management Agent that will be compatible with macOS 10.15. The new version of ESET Management Agent will be available in September 2019.

Once the new version of ESET Management Agent is available, follow the instructions below to upgrade to the updated version:

ERA 6.x users

ERA 6.x will not get a new, compatible ERA Agent. If you are using ERA 6.x, you can:

  1. Continue using supported macOS versions (version 10.14 and earlier).
  2. Upgrade ERA 6.x to ESMC 7.0

ESMC 7.0 users

If you are using ESMC 7.0, you can upgrade to the new version of Management Agent using a Components Upgrade task or you can download it directly from the ESET download page.

ECA users

If you have ECA, you need to run one of these tasks:

  1. One-Click upgrade from the ECA Dashboard.
  2. Upgrade Agent task on your macOS clients.

ESET Endpoint for Mac

The latest version of ESET Endpoint products for Mac will stop working after update to macOS 10.15. Supported version of ESET Endpoint for Mac will be available shortly after the public release of macOS 10.15. Once the new ESET Endpoint is available, macOS users should upgrade their ESET security product to the latest version:

  1. ESMC and ECA users can run the upgrade task from the Dashboard in the Web Console.
  2. Users without a remote management tool can upgrade the product manually.

EDIT: ESET Endpoint for Mac version 6.7.900 will not support macOS 10.15 at all.

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