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ESET Remote Administrator 6—FAQ / what's new?


  • What's new in ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) 6.4

  • Important information for upgrading to ERA 6.x


ERA 6.4 was released July 12th, 2016, and includes many new and improved features.



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  1. What's new in ERA 6.4?

    For full list of improvements and changes, see the ERA 6.4 changelog.
  2. Below is a list of the most important new features in the latest version:

    • Post-installation wizard added to ERA Web Console—After installation there is a new "Welcome" screen that defines ERA components and allows you to create the All-in-one package for ERA Agent, ESET product (installer for deployment), license and policy (initial configuration is optional).
  • Improved All-in-one installer—The post installation wizard and new Welcome screen are a part of the new AIO installer. Improvements include the ability to install ERA components (including a stand-alone ERA Web Console) or to uninstall ERA components (except for Database), and installers now display the estimated install time for components.
  • Improved Agent deployment process—Allows you to deploy ERA Agent and ESET Endpoint at the same time by creating All-in-one installer for the Agent and Endpoints, or generating scripts for GPO/SCCM deployment.

    For more information, see Deploy the ESET Remote Administrator Agent (6.x).
  • Redesigned mobile device enrollment (MDM)—You can enroll multiple devices via email with a one-time link and there is no longer a requirement to enter an IMEI in advance. 
  • Improved CSV Import options—MDM enrollment for multiple devices and adding computers to ERA using CSV import options.
  • ESET Remote Administrator Virtual Appliance (ERA VA) changes—The ERA VA now contains a functional CentOS 7 operating system and has added the Webmin interface to perform many server management options (Backup the ERA Database, restarting a previous backup of an ERA Database, changing the VM or Database password, configuring or rejoining a domain for push deployments and AD sync, and accessing ERA VA logs).

    For more information, see the Webmin Management Interface section in Online Help. 
  1. How do I install ERA?
  2. Do I have to pay to upgrade ERA?

    No, ESET customers with a valid business product license can upgrade to ERA 6.4 for free.
  3. How to upgrade ERA to the latest version?
  4. Can I use ESET Endpoint version 5 products and/or ESET Business Edition products with ERA 6?

    You can manage version 5 products with ERA 6; however, new settings available in version 6 products will not be applied in older products. The Migration Tool is a standalone application that provides a migration of ERA 4.x and 5.x data into an intermediate database and allows you to import it into ERA 6.x.
    • Parametric Groups, static groups synchronized from Active Directory, tasks and Policies from earlier versions of ERA cannot be migrated to ERA 6 because of changes to the configuration layout. We strongly recommend that you record your policy settings for reference when upgrading from an earlier version of ERA.
    • Data that the Migration Tool can export: Computers, static groups, Policies, Users, Logs (Threat, Scan, Firewall, DeviceControl, WebControl, Event).
  5. If I upgrade ERA from previous version 5.x, can I keep my existing policy settings?

    Yes, you can migrate policies from earlier versions of ESET Remote Administrator. However, see the following list of limitations for policy migration:
    • Only policies from upper ERA server are migrated.
    • Only policy definitions are migrated, policy relations are not being migrated.
    • You will need to assign migrated policies to appropriate groups manually after the migration.
    • Hierarchy of policies is omitted. In case there is an override flag in your old ERA, this flag is converted to a force in ERA 6 policy for that same setting.
    • If there are settings for multiple products in a single policy in old ERA, an individual policy for each product will be created in ERA 6.

      If you currently use an earlier version of ERA and want to upgrade to ERA 6.4, see our Knowledgebase for a list of prerequisites and step-by-step instructions: How do I upgrade my network to ESET Remote Administrator and ESET Endpoint version 6?
  6. What are the system requirements and supported operating systems for ERA 6?

    Click the appropriate link below to view details about system requirements and supported operating systems:
  7. What are the Known Issues in ERA 6.4?

    See the following Knowledgebase article for Known Issues in version 6 business products:
  8. Can I use my Microsoft Access database or my MariaDB database with ERA 6?

    No, ERA 6 only supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and later or MySQL 5.5 and later. You can specify the database server that you want to use when you install ERA Server or ERA Proxy.
  9. I don't have an existing database, can I still use ERA 6?

    Yes—Microsoft SQL Server Express is included in the ERA 6 installation package. You have the option to install a new SQL Express database that will be configured for use with ERA 6 using default settings. Please note that Microsoft SQL Server Express has a 10GB size limit.

    You cannot install Microsoft SQL Server Express on a Domain Controller during ESET Remote Administrator installation. This is likely to happen if you are using Microsoft SBS. If you use Microsoft SBS, we recommend that you install ESET Remote Administrator on a different server or do not select the SQL Server Express component during the installation (this requires you to use an existing SQL Server or MySQL to run ERA database).
  10. How do I find my SQL server port number for use during installation?

    The most accurate way to check the port number used by your SQL server is to open SQL Configuration manager and navigate to TCP/IP properties under SQL Server Network Configuration.
  11. It is very difficult to tell if SQL Server installation is running, is it normal for installation to take longer than 10 minutes?

    This is normal. Depending on your system configuration, SQL server installation can take up to 1 hour. The ERA 6.4 All-in-one installer now displays the estimated install time for components. 
  12. During installation using my existing MySQL database, I receive the notification "it is not possible to store large blocks of data in the database, please configure the database server first".

    To resolve this issue, locate your MySQL configuration file (my.ini in Windows and my.cnf in Linux). Open this file using a text editor and locate the [mysqld] section. Add a line to this section that reads max_allowed_packet=33M. The value entered must be 33M or greater for installation to succeed.

    For MySQL 5.6.20 and 5.6.21:
    innodb_log_file_size needs to be set to at least 200 MB
    For MySQL >= 5.6.22:
    innodb_log_file_size*innodb_log_files_in_group needs to be set to at least 200 MB (* is multiplication, a product of the two parameters must be >= 200 MB)
  13.  I am getting an error message "The size of BLOB/TEXT data inserted in one transaction is greater than 10% of redo log size. Increase the redo log size using innodb_log_file_size. (1118)" or simillar in ERA Server trace log.

    To resolve this issue, follow the steps described in question 13 above.
  14. The installer says I must install Microsoft .NET framework 3.5, however I cannot install it in Windows Server 2012 using the link provided

    The installer provided by this link cannot be used in Windows Server 2012 because of security policies present in Server 2012. Use the Roles and Features Wizard to install .NET 3.5 instead.
  15. I already have the Microsoft .NET 4.5 framework installed on my server, do I have to install Microsoft .NET 3.5?

    Yes, Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 is not backwards compatible, so you must install .NET 3.5 specifically.
  16. Can I deploy ERA 6 in a virtualized environment?

    Yes—ERA 6 is compatible with VMware, Hyper-V and Virtualbox virtualized environments. You can use the ERA 6 Open Virtualization Appliance (OVA) file to deploy ERA Server and ERA Proxy Server in your virtualized environment. See our virtualization FAQ for more information about using ESET products on a VM. For detailed instructions to install the ERA Virtual Appliance, see the ESET Remote Administrator User Guide.
  17. Do I have to install the ERA Agent manually?

    No, ERA 6 can locate computers on your network and distribute the ERA Agent to them remotely. See the ESET Knowledgebase article Deploy the ESET Remote Administrator Agent (6.x) for instructions to deploy the Agent to clients on your network.
  18. Can I use the ERA Agent to deploy ERA Proxy Server?

    No, ERA Proxy Server must be installed manually. You can, however, distribute the installer to target clients using email.
  19. I am an ESET Managed Service Provider (MSP), can I upgrade to ERA 6?

    ESET offers the following RMM plug-ins for use with ESET Remote Administrator versions 5.3 and later: Kaseya, LabTech, Tigerpaw, ConnectWise, Autotask.  For more information, see the Remote Management product page
  20. What is the benefit of ESET License Administrator?

    ESET License Administrator combines the different licensing credentials used by older ESET products into a single License key. This eliminates the need for license files that were used by ESET products in the past. Additionally, the ESET License Administrator portal allows a License Owner to administrate their license usage by creating Security Admin accounts. The License Owner maintains full control of license usage and can delegate control of license credentials to Security Admins who are able to manage specific users. For more information, see the ESET License Administrator User Guide.

Available support resources

ESET provides support in the form of User Guides, fully localized application help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support.

  • ESET Remote Administrator Online Help contains comprehensive reference information for system settings, configurations, installation scenarios and more.
  • Visit to email ESET technical support or for personalized assistance in North America, call 619-630-2400 (6:00am - 6:00pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday).
  • For other questions, such as troubleshooting, FAQs and tutorial videos, you can search the ESET Knowledgebase.
  • For ERA videos, see the ESET Knowledgebase YouTube channel.

ESET Remote Administrator 6.4.29 Changelog

  • Added: Post installation wizard in the ERA Web Console for deploying the All-in-one package for ERA Agent, ESET product, license and policy
  • Added: Proxy Mode for update profiles enables to update through a local HTTP proxy instead of global proxy that applies to all program's features requiring a connection
  • Added: Turkish and Greek localizations
  • Changed: The ERA Virtual Appliance now contains a functional CentOS 7 operating system and has added the Webmin interface to perform many server management options
  • Changed: “Device enrollment” task removed from Client tasks
  • Improved: Agent deployment process allows you to deploy ERA Agent and ESET Endpoint at the same time by creating All-in-one installer for the Agent and Endpoints, or generating scripts for GPO/SCCM deployment (.ini files)
  • Improved: License Management screen and license selection options with improved filtering and license identification for License Key, Offline File and Security Admin license types
  • Improved: Policies are now grouped by product with expanding/collapsing policy categories
  • Improved: Mobile Device Enrollment no longer requires IMEI to whitelist devices and now there are two enrollment options, mass enrollment using email and single device enrollment
  • Improved: Redesigned "Import CSV" wizard for adding multiple mobile devices or computers
  • Improved: You can now deselect individual selections after using the “select all” check box for all tables in the ERA Web Console
  • Improved: Added the option to drag-and-drop entries in the ERA Web Console
  • Improved: Updated the All-in-one installer Setup with improved resources (quick setup guide, Admin guide, videos), guidance (more tooltips) and functionality (installers now display the estimated install time for components) for better user experience
  • Improved: SMTP setting now allows a different recipient email from the sender email when sending the test email
  • Improved: Added more sections and topics to Online Help
  • Fixed: Problems with upgrading from previous Endpoint versions to the newest build using ESET Remote Administrator 5.x
  • Fixed: Known issue when Server and Proxy cannot be started in Linux failover cluster. Issue is caused by incorrect cluster scripts shipped with the setup scripts. It can be worked around by manually replacing the cluster scripts with fixed versions (after install/upgrade). Even if the fixed cluster scripts are used, ERA Server and Proxy are not protected with SELinux policies in Linux cluster. In addition there is a minor bug in the Agent SELinux policy which makes impossible for the Agent to discover Server on the cluster nodes.
  • Fixed: The wipe function doesn't work on iOS devices. As a workaround, use Client Task called Anti-Theft Actions and choose Enhanced factory reset option in Settings. This will wipe an iOS device despite the fact there isn't an apple icon indicating it can be run on iOS devices.
  • Fixed: There is a spelling mistake in License Manager section of ESET Remote Administrator Web Console, where word "Business" appended to each license is misspelled as "Bussiness"
  • Fixed: Other minor fixes and improvements

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