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Can I use my ESET Endpoint product with Microsoft Windows 8.x?


  • Support for ESET Endpoint products installed on Microsoft Windows 8

  • Solutions or workarounds to known issues with ESET Endpoint Security or ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 5.2 installed on Microsoft Windows 8



The Windows 8 environment is a new graphical user interface in Windows 8 that features a tile-based Start screen with running and frequently used applications.

Windows 8 "Toast" notifications keep you up to date by displaying the application information in the Metro environment.


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ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus are supported by Windows 8.x

For information about Windows 8 security features, read the ESET Threat Blog article Windows 8.1 – security improvements.

You may experience the following issues with ESET Endpoint Security/ESET Endpoint Antivirus installed on a Windows 8 system:

Known Issues:

  1. Security Notifications are not displayed in the Windows 8 environment

    This functionality is still in development for integration with the Windows 8 environment (graphical user interface) and will be functional in future ESET releases. A service update will be distributed automatically to update existing products. Though notifications are not displayed, your computer's security is not affected negatively due to this issue.

  2. Incorrect priority of 'ESET: Computer shutdown after scan' window

    If you have enabled shutdown after running a Computer scan and you are running an application in the maximized mode (for example, Internet Explorer), the window is not displayed on the top. In this case, you will not be notified of the running application during the shutdown process.

  3. Multiple notifications about creation of new rules when in "Learning mode" of ESET Personal Firewall

    You may encouter multiple notification windows opened from the system tray when in Learning mode. This may happen when no rule is created for an application and it raises multiple parallel connections at the same time.

    The Learning mode feature automatically creates and saves a rule for each communication that has been established in the system. This mode is not default, and is recommended only for initial configuration of the Personal firewall.

    To access the rule filtering setup, navigate to Advanced setup (F5) → NetworkPersonal firewallRules and zones.

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