How do I reset my security password for ESET Mobile Security? (Google Play purchases only)

KB Solution ID: KB2949 |Last Revised: August 5, 2015


  • Your mobile device has been locked by ESET Mobile Security for Android due to the insertion of an untrusted SIM card or because you sent a remote lock SMS to your mobile number
  • You cannot remember a password set in ESET Mobile SecuritySettings → Security Password

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I purchased from

Option 1: Trusted Friend

  1. Try to reset your password by sending an SMS from the Trusted friend’s phone number (defined in ESET Mobile SecurityAnti-TheftTrusted Friends) to your device. The SMS must be in the following syntax:

    eset remote reset
  2. Type a new security password into the Security password and Confirm password fields, set a reminder phrase if you want and then tap Save.


Figure 1-2


Option 2: Request Password Reset

  1. Send a Password reset request by tapping Alternatively, Request Password Reset (see figure 1-3 below). You will receive an email containing an unlock code (at the Google account email, or the email address defined in Anti-TheftMy Contact Details).
  2. Enter the unlock code on your locked device’s screen to unlock your device.
  3. After unlocking your mobile device, define a new security password.

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Option 3: Use the form below

If your mobile device is not connected to the Internet, fill out the form below:

  1. Enter your Google Account Email (this must be the email account you purchased ESET Mobile Security through) into the corresponding field below.
  2. Find the Order number of your ESET Mobile Security purchase. This number can be found in your Google wallet under Transactions.
  3. Copy and paste the Order Number into the corresponding field below.
  4. Enter the code displayed on your locked device’s screen into the Code field.
  5. Type the two words you see in the picture below.
  6. Click Submit to send an email with the unlock code to your Google account email.
  7. Enter the unlock code into the Enter security password field on your locked device’s screen and tap Unlock. Your device will be unlocked.
  8. Tap Settings → Security Password from the ESET Mobile Security main screen to set a new security password.

Option 4: Contact ESET Customer Care

If you are not able to send the aforementioned data, or have a trial license, please contact ESET Customer Care and refer to the code displayed on your locked device’s screen.

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