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Locate my ESET Username in the program settings to contact Customer Care


  • Locate your ESET Username in the program settings of your product in order to request assistance from ESET Customer Care


License Key or Username & Password issues?

Visit the following ESET Knowledgebase articles for help with other issues related to your Username and Password:

  1. Open your Windows ESET product. How do I open my ESET product?

  2. Press Ctrl + U on your keyboard to open the details window.

    Figure 1-1

  1. In the License details window, highlight your Username and press Ctrl + C to copy the information.
    Version 8.x and earlier: The license details window will only include your Username and Password.

Figure 1-2

  1. Click the ESET Username (optional) field in the Customer Care Support Request Form and press Ctrl V on your keyboard to paste the information in the field. Repeat step 3 (above) with your License ID and paste it in the Public ID (optional) field in the Customer Care Support Request Form. Your product name, product version and computer operating system information is also located in the License details window. Close the License details window after you have finished completing the Customer Care Support Request Form.

Figure 1-3

  1. After you have completed the Customer Care Support Request Form, click Send Email to ESET Support to submit the form.

Figure 1-4

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