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How do I set up a Parental control role for a user account in ESET Smart Security?

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Parental control allows users to set up roles for each user account that has access to their computer. A role can be configured to allow or restrict access to certain web content depending on the age and profile of the user account. This article contains instructions on how to set up a role for the first time



  1. Set up Windows user accounts for each person accessing the computer. For information on setting up Windows user accounts, click the appropriate link below:
  2. Open ESET Smart Security. How do I open my ESET product?
  3. Click SetupDisabled next to Parental control and then select Enable.

    Figure 1-1
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  4. Once Parental control is enabled, click Parental control.

    Figure 1-2
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  5. Click Not defined to the right of the user account you would like to set parental controls for.

  6. In the Account setup window, select the age of the user that will be using this profile and click OK.

    Figure 1-3
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  7. In the Setting protection window, enter a password and click OK. Remember this password! It will be required when attempting to modify sensitive settings.

    Figure 1-4

  8. Once you have selected a role for the user account, you will see Enabled next to that user account. Click Enable next to Filtering of encrypted (HTTPS) websites is not enabled.

    Figure 1-5
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  9. To configure Parental controls for a role, click Setup. To modify the age associated with a given user account, click the age listed next to the role. See the Knowledgebase articles below for advanced setup options for Parental control: 


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