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How do I install ESET Mobile Security for Android on my AT&T phone?


Upgrade to the latest version

The issue described here has been resolved in the latest version of ESET Mobile Security for Android (2.x and later). 

NOTE: You will be unable to upgrade to the latest version if you are running Android version 2.2 or earlier. Upgrade your Android operating system to version 2.3 or later to install the latest version of ESET Mobile Security for Android. Otherwise, follow the instructions below to resolve this issue.


  • The AT&T Android Debug Bridge (sideload) may be required to install ESET Mobile Security for Android on older versions of Android (2.1.x Eclaire and older) on AT&T phones.


To determine the appropriate installation method for your phone, follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Android home screen, press the Menu button and tap SettingsApplications.
  2. Enable Unknown sources by tapping the check box. Tap Ok when asked to confirm your selection. 

Figure 1-1 


If you do not see the Unknown sources option, you must use the AT&T Android Debug Bridge for installation. More information can be found at AT&T's website:

If you are experiencing an issue with the Android Debug Bridge, please contact AT&T for further support.

  1. Click one of the following version-specific Knowledgebase articles for instructions on downloading and installing ESET Mobile Security for Android.

    If you are unsure which version of Android you are running, press the Menu button, tap Settings About phone and look at the number under "Android version" (some users may also need to tap "Software information").


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