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How do I use my ESET SysRescue CD or USB flash drive to scan and clean my system? (4.x)

ESET SysRescue Live has been released

ESET SysRescue Live is the latest version of the ESET SysRescue utility. It offers improved removal of persistent malware and requires no pre-installed software to run on most systems. View instructions to install and clean your system using ESET SysRescue Live.

ESET security products now include ESET SysRescue which allows users to create a bootable rescue CD/DVD or USB drive. Users can boot an infected computer from this recovery medium to both scan and clean their system. Follow these step-by-step instructions to run ESET SysRescue with the bootable ESET SysRescue CD or USB flash drive you created. If you have not yet created a ESET SysRescue CD or USB drive, refer to this article for detailed instructions on how to do so before you continue.

Part 1: Insert your ESET SysRescue CD or USB flash drive into your computer

  1. Insert your ESET SysRescue CD or USB flash drive.
  2. Restart your computer and follow the on-screen instructions displayed upon start up to access the Boot Menu.

    Figure 1-1

  3. You will need to press a function key (e.g., F8F10F12) to access the Boot Menu. Boot Menu function keys vary from system to system, and are usually displayed on-screen (see Figure 1-1).
  4. In the Boot Menu, use the arrow keys to select the CD or USB flash drive you inserted as the primary boot drive.

    Figure 1-2

  5. Press Enter to start your computer from the ESET SysRescue drive.

Part 2: Updating ESET SysRescue

After booting, the ESET SysRescue program window will open. The Found update packages window will automatically open notifying you of available updates. Follow these steps to update your system properly:

  1. If your computer is connected to the Internet, select Download update packages from web for the most up-to-date virus signature database (recommended). If your computer is not connected to the Internet, select Use found update packages.
  2. Click Update.

      Figure 2-1



Make sure you complete a virus signature database update before initiating a scan of your system.


Part 3: Scan and Restart

Follow these steps to scan your system and remove infected files:

  1. Click Computer ScanSmart scan to begin a comprehensive scan of your system. The scan will take a few minutes to finish. 

        Figure 3-1


  2. If any threats are detected, an alert window will open after the scan has completed. To remove an infected file, select Delete in the Action drop-down menu (recommended).

  3. Click Finish

          Figure 3-2

  4. Click the ‘X’ at the top right of the ESET SysRescue program window to close ESET SysRescue.

             Figure 3-3

  5. The Computer shutdown window will open. Select Restart computer and click OK.
  6.              Figure 3-4


ESET SysRescue will now terminate and your system will restart in normal mode.


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