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How do I temporarily disable the startup scan? (4.x)

By default, your ESET product will scan programs and memory at startup. If your system startup scan is taking an unusually long time to complete, you may have conflicting programs set to run at start up. You cannot cancel the startup scan once it has started, but you can temporarily disable the scan from running on system startup by following the directions below:

Disabling the ESET startup scan exposes your system to risk

Disabling the ESET startup scan exposes your computer to risk and is only a temporary fix for a third-party application conflict. If possible, we recommend checking for other applications which are scheduled to run at startup and either deselecting their startup features or uninstalling the conflicting software from your computer. ESET is unable to provide support for other third-party applications.

Video tutorial

  1. Open ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus. How do I open my ESET product?
  2. Click ChangeYes.

    Figure 1-1
     Click the image to view larger in new window

  3. Click Tools → Scheduler and then deselect the check box next to Automatic startup file check.

    Figure 1-2
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  4. Restart your computer. Your startup scan is now disabled.

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