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AVGater does not affect ESET products

ESET Customer Advisory 2017-0019
November 20, 2017
Severity: Low

Recently there has been increased media coverage regarding a vulnerability dubbed AVGater. This advisory explains why all ESET users are protected from this vulnerability.


On November 10, 2017 it was reported that a vulnerability was found, which allows creating an NTFS junction from a location with quarantined files to another folder (including the %System% folder), which could lead to restoring malicious files there.

None of ESET products are and have ever been subject to this vulnerability, as the restoration process is carried out with the permissions of the user who initiated this process, not with SYSTEM permissions, thus preventing write access to folders the user does not have permissions for.

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If you have feedback or questions about this issue, please contact us using the ESET Security Forum, or via local ESET Support.

Version log

Version 1.0 (November 20, 2017): Initial version of this document

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